I have spent much of my life here in Northern California and currently reside in Sacramento. In addition to receiving a BA from California State University, I worked for over 20 years in the graphics industry (“consumed by deadlines and minutia”), and taught watercolor for a number of years.

In addition to having published commercial illustration, I have participated in a number of group and one-woman shows. My work is included in many private collections.

"The natural world is what speaks to me; the beauty, order and grace that surrounds us, from spacious panoramas to the very, very small. The smell and sound of moving water, the smooth roundness of a glazed pot, the rich color and shape of a fruit that I may enjoy only briefly moments that I am moved to share. My goal is to share something intangible with the viewer and create images that have the ability to speak.

I began working with watercolor years ago and by now realize that I may never explore all it's wonderful possibilities. I have been tempted by other mediums, but watercolor is juicy and shiny and runny; it can be difficult and unexpected, and it is all I really want.

My love of color was encouraged and nurtured by my first watercolor teacher. He taught me to see the subtleties in light and shadow, the variations all around us. His work ethic and standards of excellence continue to inspire me."

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